Stress and Anxiety Introduction

From his personal life and professional experiences as a medical doctor, transformation strategist and social worker, Dr. Comeau developed a process called The Practical Transformation Program. This program was designed to provide support and structure for patients, clients, professionals, executives, business leaders and others to change/transform themselves to achieve optimal success in business, finances, relationships and in their lives.

  • Dr. B.K. ComeauDrawing from:
  • • Over 30 years of experience, training and practice as a medical doctor, social worker and Transformation Strategist/Executive Coach.
  • • Comprehensive expertise in individual, group and organizational change/transformation.
  • • Extensive experience and expertise in crisis management (individual, team and organizational)
  • • Corporate health consultant since 1993 (including company doctor).
  • • Professional executive coach since 1998.
  • • Working experience in industry and business with management teams, union groups, health and safety groups, and worker's compensation.
  • • Personal working experience in government, industry, services and business.

  • He developed Transform: A Personal Evolution a program designed to enable individuals and groups who are experiencing/suffering from high stress, anxiety, panic attacks and mild to moderate depression to effectively understand, manage and control their emotional and physical state. The program has focused on transforming anxiety into strong positive personal power.

  • The stress articles listed on the right are from that program and provide helpful information to people suffering with stress, anxiety, panic and mild to moderate depression. It will also enable friends and family to better understand these issues.