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About Dr. Comeau, B.A., B.S.W., M.D., C.C.F.P.

Dr. Comeau is a medical doctor who specializes in family medicine in Burlington, Ontario Canada. He is a certified member in good standing with the College of Physicians of Surgeons of Ontario and the Canadian College of Family Physicians. He has been in practice since 1985 and currently cares for over 2500 patients with supportive care hospital privileges at Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital in Burlington.

He has a full spectrum family practice that includes newborn baby care, shared maternal care, pediatric care, adolescent health, adult health, geriatrics and palliative care. He has a special interest in crisis, anxiety and stress management as well as executive coaching/counselling.

Dr. Comeau is an associate Clinical Professor (Adjunct) with the Michael DeGroote School of Medicine Hamilton, Ontario. His role is Medical Student Clinical Instructor and Preceptor. He actively pursues medical education through Canadian and American certified educational groups and institutions.

Prior to his medical education and career, Dr. Comeau was a social worker with the Children's Aid Society of Hamilton-Wentworth. His specialty in that capacity was with adolescents, their families and group homes. He received formal training and experience in individual, group and family therapy through the Clinical Behavioral Sciences Program at McMaster University. This training and experience was instrumental in his decision to become a family doctor.

Dr. Comeau and Mom

Dr. Comeau's inspiration has come from personal life experiences, professional training and clinical practice, and his involvement with the business world.

From these experiences, Dr. Comeau developed a process called The Practical Transformation Program. This program was designed to provide support and structure to patients, clients, business leaders, executives, professionals and their teams to enable them to change/transform themselves to achieve optimal success in their health, wellness as well as their work, business, finances and relationships.

Dr. Comeau is also a teacher, an educator and "coach". He uses this in his everyday involvement and partnership with his patients and clients. He has spoken to many groups including Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, work groups, school groups, teen groups, church groups, medical students, etc. He has also designed "Transform" A Personal Evolution in transcending stress and anxiety. This was a seminar series presented to groups, enabling participants to transform high stress, anxiety, panic attacks and mild to moderate depression into strong personal power. Dr. Comeau had also developed the "Managing Stress in the Work Place (and in your life) ". This program was designed to enlighten participants about the effect of "stress" on their personal, professional, business/work lives and how to change/transform it.

Education and Certification

  • Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) - McMaster University 1978
  • Bachelor of Social Work - McMaster University 1978
  • Individual and Family Therapy - McMaster Health Sciences, Clinical Behavioral Sciences 1980
  • Doctor of Medicine - McMaster Medical School 1983
  • Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) 1984
  • Family Practice Residency- McMaster 1985
  • Certification - Canadian College of Family Physicians 1985

Professional Experience

  • Change and Transformation Strategist 1978 - Present
  • Family Physician 1985 - Present
  • Associate Clinical Professor (Adjunct) 2015 - Present
  • Corporate Health Care Consultant/Executive Coach 1993 - Present
  • Company Doctor 1993 - 1998
  • Social Worker 1978 - 1980
  • Correctional Officer, Ministry of Correctional Services 1975 - 1976
  • Pre 1975 - Worked in various industries